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If you needed some work done on your house, would you be comfortable with a contractor who refused to give you an estimate, but instead just told you that he would bill you at the end of the month for his crew’s time? We can guess that your answer is probably no, and for good reason.

Like your home, your business represents one of the largest investments you will ever make. Also like your home, your business will occasionally need some professional care in order to protect your investment. There is no reason that you should demand any less transparency or certainty from the legal professionals that care for your business than the professionals that care for your home.

Traditionally, lawyers charged an hourly rate and clients had to wait until the end of the month to find out exactly how much they were in for, often experiencing a severe case of sticker shock upon receipt of the lawyer’s bill. Of course, by that time the lawyer had already performed the work and it was too late for the client to decide whether it made sense for his or her budget.

At Northwest Business Law Group, we do things differently. Because we are experienced enough to know how much time most tasks will take, we can provide you with a detailed estimate for services before you agree to them. Whenever possible, you will know what you are getting into and can make an educated decision about whether it makes sense for you.

Transparency is key to the attorneys at Northwest Business Law Group. Call us today to see how you can hold your legal counsel to the same standards as the other professionals you work with.