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Non-Compete Agreements

Seattle Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

Navigating the terrain of fair business practices and ethical competition is a tall order without years of experience and legal training. At NWBizLaw, we have the skills and resources needed to advise you on best practices and defend you against accusations of breaching a non-compete agreement. We are also committed to fighting for your rights, and if someone signed a non-compete agreement and later used your confidential data to gain an unfair advantage, we are ready and willing to hold them accountable.

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What Is a Non-Compete Agreement?

In a nutshell, two parties enter a non-competition agreement to prevent an employee from deriving an undue benefit from previous employers and their information.

Employees have access to valuable data while working for an employer, such as:

  • Client lists
  • Marketing strategies
  • Business management tactics
  • Financial data

This sensitive data includes crucial and confidential information that an employer uses to maintain a competitive advantage, but their employees may eventually leave and, of course, take their knowledge with them. They could then use this information to work for a competitor or become a competitor themselves.

For example, an employee may go to work at a financial services firm and notice that most clients seem to respond to a particular investment. As a result, they decide to start their own business by offering clients this specific investment. They also take clients from their recent employer to start the new company. If their employer had them sign a non-competition agreement at the beginning, they could be in breach of that agreement and brought to court.

Many people feel that non-competition agreements are unfair. It can be tough on ex-employees to stay true to the terms of a non-competition agreement, especially if the requirements are too stringent. On the other hand, the agreements are vital for protecting the confidential data and intellectual property of a business that worked hard for success.

Fighting for Seattle Business Owners

As a result of these conflicts of interest, non-competition agreement lawsuits have increased by more than 60% in the past decade. We have responded to this influx by developing the skills needed to successfully represent all kinds of business owners.

If you are a business owner who is facing accusations of breaching this type of contract, or you’re worried about your employees stealing your confidential ideas and information, our seasoned business attorney is ready to provide skilled counsel and strategic representation. We want to help you protect yourself both today and tomorrow, and we can help you form an effective non-compete agreement that will go a long way toward your success.

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