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Partnership Disputes

Seattle Partnership Disputes Lawyer

Advocating for Our Clients’ Interests During Conflict in Washington 

A partnership dispute can be a minefield for your business – one wrong move, and it can all be over. Eric Helmy, our attorney at Northwest Business Law LLC, doesn’t believe it always has to be that way. While some partnership disputes ultimately result in business dissolution, it’s neither inevitable nor impossible to overcome what you and your business partners may have thought was an irrevocable difference.

When you find yourself in such a dispute, however, it’s important to reach out to an attorney who can help you advocate for your interests. Why? If your business partners and you can reach a resolution that makes the dispute look like a pothole in the rearview mirror, you don’t want it to come at the cost of your investment in the business or financial security.

When you need representation, contact the Seattle partnership dispute attorney at NWBizLaw, who can help. Schedule a consultation by calling (206) 565-0090 or contacting us online.

What is a Partnership Dispute?

A partnership dispute is a disagreement or conflict between individuals in a business partnership. In the context of business law, a partnership is a legal structure in which two or more people join forces to operate a business and share in its profits and losses. While partnerships can be advantageous for pooling resources, skills, and capital, disputes can arise when partners have differing opinions, conflicting interests, or misunderstandings about the operation or management of the business.

Partnership disputes can manifest in various forms and may involve disagreements over financial matters, decision-making authority, breaches of fiduciary duties, or other issues that impact the partnership. These disputes can jeopardize the success and stability of the business, potentially leading to legal action or, in extreme cases, the dissolution of the partnership.

Common Causes of Partnership Disputes

  • Financial Disagreements: Resolving conflicts over profit distribution, financial management, or investment decisions. Addressing issues related to the allocation of losses and gains.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties: Handling cases where a partner fails to act in the partnership's best interest. Addressing disputes arising from alleged misconduct, self-dealing, or conflicts of interest.
  • Decision-Making Conflicts: Resolving disputes related to major business decisions, expansions, or company direction changes. Addressing disagreements over day-to-day operations and management.
  • Dissolution Disputes: Assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of partnership dissolution. Resolving conflicts regarding the distribution of assets and liabilities during dissolution.

How Can NWBizLaw Assist You?

At NWBizLaw, we can help you advocate for the interests that matter most to you if your business is on the line. We offer more than a decade of experience helping business owners overcome a myriad of challenges, but none seem as common to NWBizLaw as partnership disputes. We’ve worked with clients to understand the scope of the dispute and what’s at stake for those we represent. These situations tend to hinge on the following:

  • Understanding the facts at hand
  • Getting to know who each partner is, how they think, and what they want
  • Identifying the legal issues underpinning the dispute
  • Letting cooler heads prevail

When to Hire a Partnership Dispute Attorney in Seattle

Business disputes between partners are tragic and frustrating, but when you and a partner or partners go from allies to adversaries, it pays for you to have an experienced partnership dispute attorney in Seattle on your side. Of course, hiring an attorney can also be an unnecessary expense or even a bit of an excuse not to sit down and negotiate with your partners, so it helps to understand what the right times are for hiring an attorney to help with your partnership dispute.

If you have foresight, you might decide to establish a relationship with a partnership dispute attorney long before you ever actually have a dispute. There are a few really strong benefits to doing it this way. First, your attorney can stay apprised of your business progress all the way along, making it easier to discuss a dispute at a moment’s notice. More importantly, in the event of business litigation with your partner or partners, you have a long-term professional relationship with a good attorney and someone who can hit the ground running on your behalf. An attorney could still give you advice to potentially resolve the partnership dispute without a lawsuit, but if not, you’ll benefit from having a business litigation lawyer in Portland or Seattle ready to defend your claim and help you get the outcome you deserve.

Contact Our Seattle Partnership Dispute Attorney Today

Our partnership dispute attorney in Seattle at Northwest Business Law LLC has recognized these common factors in the many disputes he’s helped resolve, and he is ready to leverage his experience to help you achieve an agreeable outcome.

Contact us online or give our Seattle partnership disputes lawyer a call at (206) 565-0090 for help with your case.

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"The time Eric spent with me saved me thousands of dollars!"

The time Eric spent with me saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees and saved my business. Thank you Eric and Northwest Business Law!

- Charlie Muhlenkamp

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