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How to Leave a Review for Your Business Attorney in Seattle

In most professions, word of mouth is the most powerful way to build a business. Your business attorney in Seattle is no exception to this reality. Business attorneys benefit from positive reviews as a means of attracting new clients and keeping existing ones, and fortunately, you benefit from giving your business attorney an honest positive review too. Not only are you helping a good attorney get the business he or she deserves, but you’re also building up goodwill in the business community as someone who recognizes others who do a great job. Here are some effective ways to leave a review for your business attorney in Seattle or Portland.

Engage with Your Business Attorney in Seattle on Social Media

Most businesses have at least taken a step toward adopting new technology, and that includes lawyers on social media. The fact is, everyone from a general business attorney to an intellectual property attorney in Seattle is important members of the local community. That means Seattle attorneys are going to be on social media to connect with people, and leaving positive reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or blog page will spread the word to people who engage with them there.

Use Official Lawyer Review Sites Like Avvo

If you’ve never heard of Avvo, it happens to be a popular place to find out more information about attorneys. Think of it as something like a Better Business Bureau profile for individual lawyers, where you can learn information like attorney ratings, client reviews of lawyers, and any disciplinary records an attorney might have. As a client, you have the power to help them by leaving a review on Avvo. This site is frequented by professionals who want to make sure they choose a good lawyer. You can help your business attorney in Seattle with a review on Avvo.

Use Popular Review Sites Like Yelp

Yelp and other local business search sites are another great place to leave reviews of your business attorney in Seattle or Portland. The fact is, many people rely on local search engines to help them uncover nearby professionals and services, so leaving a rating or review for your attorney on Yelp is an easy way to be supportive and make a difference. If your attorney helped you with something specific, like an intellectual property lawsuit, giving an overview of your experience can go a long way toward convincing others that the attorney is worthy of consideration.