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5 Common Legal Issues Restaurants Face

Seattle houses among the top restaurants in Washington and the United States. Tourists from around the world travel to Seattle to visit scenic destinations and try delicious food. Although many restaurants thrive in Seattle, even a minor legal issue can dismantle a restaurant owner’s hard work. To help you avoid legal issues and potential liabilities, our Seattle business law attorneys have put together laws and regulations restaurants should not overlook.

#1: Food Service License

Businesses that store, prepare, and serve food must be inspected by both state and local health departments to ensure that they are following food and safety regulations. Restaurants that fail inspections could get their permits suspended. A restaurant could fail their inspections for a variety of reasons, including lack of hot water, rodent infestation, faulty plumbing, and more

#2: Health Code Issues

Restaurants often deal with health and safety concerns when staff is careless in food and drink handling. These cases are often linked to cross-contamination, food poisoning, and more. Avoiding these types of legal issues simply requires adherence to health and safety codes.

#3: Premises Liability

Restaurants have a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment for their employees and customers. Common accidents, such as slip-and-falls, can leave restaurant owners in serious legal trouble. If the fall occurs because of the restaurant owner’s negligence, they can be held liable for the injuries resulting from the accident.

#4: Employment Law Problems

Restaurant owners, like any other business, should be aware of new employment laws. Restaurant owners can face serious legal consequences if they fail to comply with employment laws regarding wages, breaks, disability accommodations, and more.

#5: Breach of Contracts

Another common legal issue restaurants face is a breach of contracts. Restaurants rely on suppliers to obtain the ingredients and other resources needed to successfully operate their business. But when suppliers fail to uphold their end of the agreement, it could result in a breach of contract. Thankfully, businesses can file a claim against the breaching party to get compensation for their loss.

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