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3 Reasons Architects & Engineers Get Sued

Professionals in all different fields experience litigation issues – including architects and engineers. If you are an architect or an engineer in Seattle, you must understand potential threats to your business and reputation. Our team at Northwest Business Law LLC has put together some of the most common reasons why architects and engineers get sued.

#1: Negligence

Architects and engineers often find themselves getting sued for ignoring clients’ complaints. It is vital that you communicate with clients and explain why a project might be off-track, over budget, or delayed. Failing to do so could result in a lawsuit. Your client could argue that you acted negligently by failing to keep them informed of important issues or changes as they occur.

Your clients will also expect your business to meet a standard of care, which means that you should avoid physical harm and property damage. It also includes overseeing projects to ensure that they meet the exact requirements discussed with the client, along with inspection and documentation throughout the project.

#2: Errors or Mishaps

One of the most common reasons why engineers face lawsuits is because of mistakes or omissions. Whether something was designed wrong or the engineer failed to include something in their design, it could lead to serious lawsuits.

#3: Poor Client Management

Whether you are an engineer or architect, it is important to take on a manageable client load. A common mistake that many companies make is they try to take on too many projects at once –making it easier for issues to slip through the cracks. This often leads to client dissatisfaction and lawsuits. Having an organized and manageable client loan can help you keep your eyes on regulations and limit liabilities.

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